Feeling Lucky
Feeling Lucky
Feeling Lucky
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Feeling Lucky

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The Feeling Lucky Bundle contains 3 very lucky Berry Bugs:

• Jack the Donkey 8 Inch

• Lucky the Duck 8 Inch

• Shelly Mystery? 8 Inch

These are definitely the four leaf clovers of the group and to have even one of these you would be lucky, but all three of them together you may experience something in your near future.


Symptoms may include:

• Excess hugging

• Always sleeping next to

• Constant squeezing

• Posting a lot of pictures together

If you fall into any of these categories please quickly speak to a doctor or get the entire series and have a lot more friends to hang out with and cuddle.

MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW: Cuddling up to 30 seconds releases Oxytocin, which is a chemical that gets released in your brain, this release can increase your mood and also help with trouble sleeping.

   That is why Berry Bugs are made for you to cuddle when you're tired, after a long day or because you really need something soft and cute.

   We've all had those times when your lying in bed and you just can not fall asleep because of a really big test that you have in the morning. You know it would help to get more sleep but your mind keeps running a million miles an hour.

   Berry Bugs are here to help, we know that a good 30 second cuddle will help you easily fall asleep and get rid of all those heavy thoughts.

   We have also all had bad days, its just a part of life. Sometimes you don't get a good grade on your test, or maybe that one thing that you were really looking forward to this weekend got canceled and you will be stuck in your room all weekend.

   We know this is not a good feeling and that is where the 30 seconds of good cuddling with your favorite Berry Bug comes back in and will help you through these tough times.

   Tough times will continue to happen for as long as time, you and me can not change that, but what we can change is if we are prepared for it. If you get a Berry Bug today, then you will be prepared for the whatever life throws at you. Berry Bugs are made for you to always feel better because YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.


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